2021: The Year of Connected Media

If 2020 taught us anything as marketers and business people, it taught us that we have to be prepared for anything.

When the lights on an economy dim, we need the ability to pull back budgets. When the topic of conversation around the watercooler is really about life and death, and the conversation isn't happening around the watercooler but on Zoom, we need tools that pause messaging that could be deemed insensitive and the ability to shift media to where people are actually viewing.

Connected Media - or media that is targetable to any channel (TV, Radio, and Billboards included) with customizable messaging down to an individual based on where they are in a sales funnel - allows for this. Five Tier Connect puts this capability at anybody's fingertips.

In seconds, sophisticated marketers can target an audience, build a cross channel broadcast campaign, sync more direct marketing engagement channels, and sync up booking systems, payment engines, and ERP systems to attribute success.

What's more is that the market is ready. (Shoutout to Nielsen, although we covered it back in 2016!)

Consumers now more than ever know that data is used to tailor what they see and target them where they are. TV programming central to our COVID / pandemic viewing binges further brought these tactics to the forefront of society (see The Social Dilemma, Upload.)

Heading into 2021 the world going forward is a new surface, a blank canvas, with the opportunity to rewrite some old rules of the road that were already seeing their time come to an end. Gone are the days of a 9 to 5 in office work week, "normalcy", and the ability to reach people on a fixed schedule with traditional content.

Consumers expect it, the world needs it. Welcome to the new frontier and the advent of Connected Media.

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